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The commercial world of cleaning is continually changing, always seeking out smarter cleaning machines with innovative cleaning solutions. A leader in the industry and a company that we are proud to partner with is Kaivac. Their goal is to seek out and tackle the toughest cleaning challenges in restrooms, food service and kitchens, floors, commercial refrigeration equipment and much more and their stated mission is this:

Starting with the restroom, Kaivac will innovate, market, and train the world to use scientifically proven cleaning systems that reflect the following:

  • Economically are “better, faster, and cheaper”
  • Environmentally are “lean, green, and mean soils and bacteria”
  • While raising the value of the Cleaning Industry and the dignity of the worker

Their cleaning systems are ones we advocate as they use power vacuum extraction to deliver the highest in efficiency in cleaning methods, leaving nothing behind.
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Cleaning for Health
Cleaning for health is the new normal in today’s world. Boosting cleaning productivity weighs heavily on the mind of every facility manager or company owner as expectations shift and rise. The general public is paying much closer attention to the cleanliness of your business than ever before. First impressions count and if they don’t meet expectations, there won’t likely be a second chance. The public expects and demands that germs have no place in restaurants, stores, transportation hubs, schools, workplaces and of course in their own homes. Entire business sectors and public institutions are betting that cleaner, more hygienic interiors will build enough trust to lure everyone – customers and staff alike, inside. Obviously some sectors require more intense levels of cleaning and disinfecting than others, however all businesses need to be vigilent in upping the maintenance schedule in high-traffic, high-touch areas. It’s recommended that they move the cleaning process front and centre, even during business hours so that customers/guests can witness spaces and surfaces being cleaned. Savvy managers who communicate and demonstrate enhanced “Cleaning for Health” processes will ease anxious minds and build trust.

From a recent survey of over 500 people:

  • 93% said they expect workplaces to be confident about cleaning and sanitizing when they return to work
  • 66% expect their workplace to be cleaned every day
  • 94% said cleaning and disinfecting should be a standard and a priority for businesses moving forward regardless of current events (like a pandemic) or flu season
  • 88% said they find themselves evaluating the cleanliness of any business that they walk into
  • 81% said they would be in favour of a “Covid-19 safety inspection” involving health officials inspecting businesses and schools for hygiene and giving stamps of approval
  • 86% said they would like to see proof that a workplace, business, restaurant, gym or school is cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • From another similar survey, 95% said they would avoid an establishment in the future if they found the restroom to be dirty.

Yes, it is a changing world.

Innovative technology using advanced tools is a great way to boost cleaning productivity and efficiency. One of the tools used by Kaivac is The AutoVac Stretch. This tool enables their staff to do more with less. This is an advanced machine that conserves water by 75% or more and reduces chemical usage by 66%, still leaving floors completely clean by removing 99.8% of targeted soils.

Facts and Figures on the AutoVac Stretch:
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Dimensions (approximate – assembled) 43″ x 36″ x 22″

Certified by Green Seal, The AutoVac Stretch delivers the kind of positive environmental and health impacts that the public wants. An added bonus is that investing in better technology and equipment may help ease the labour shortage currently being experienced by many in the commercial cleaning field and may help lure Milennials and Gen Z workers towards this type of career.

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Another Kaivac tool used specifically for commercial restroom cleaning is the Award Winning KaiVac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning System. The benefits are many:
  • Cleans at a rate of 1 minute per fixture compared to an industry average of 3 minutes per fixture
  • Removes bacteria from grout lines 60 times better than mopping
  • Dries floors immediately, allowing the area to safely return to service
  • Saves on chemical with automatic metering
  • Reduces both water and chemical usage
  • Protects the worker from exposure to contaminated surfaces
  • Produces consistent, repeatable results

Facts and Figures on the KaiVac 1750
  • Weight: 133 lbs
  • Dimensions: 40″ x 28″ x 22″
  • 17 gallon solution tank
  • 500 psi water pressure

This machine supports infection prevention by effectively removing soils, biofilm and bacteria. By reducing water and chemical usage it helps sustainability and green cleaning efforts. In commercial restroom cleaning, this system puts a healthy distance between the worker and the contaminated surface.

Workers spray fixtures, floors and any other water-resistant surface first with cleaning solution at a low pressure, then with water at a higher pressure. The water blasts away soil, bacteria and contaminants, rinsing them down to the floor. Then the worker vacuums up the soiled solution leaving the floor dry and the restroom hygienically clean.

Along with using this machine, Control Janitorial uses an ATP meter which reads bacteria levels, thus assuring safe and appropriate levels.

atp-reader - Control Janitorial Inc

See for yourself just how this works.

Specific to Restaurant Cleaning, this is how Control Janitorial makes use of the Kaivac cleaning system:

  • The bucket dispenses the degreasing solution to floors in kitchen, front area and washroom through a spigot and gravity feed.
  • The degreaser needs about 10-15 minutes of “contact” time to be effective
  • Cleaner uses microfiber mop to add agitation to chemical where necessary
  • Debris, contaminants and solution are vacuumed up – not mopped around floor
  • Vacuum reaches under equipment where necessary
  • Washroom sinks, toilets, urinals are sprayed clean with disinfectant and left to air dry
  • Washroom floors are vacuumed removing all contaminants
  • Washrooms will be 600 times cleaner using the Kaivac system
  • Kitchen Floors and Front area will be 66 times cleaner than using a mop
  • Remove the grease – do not move it around – this is how the Kaivac system works

Control Janitorial Inc. is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality service that we can. We are prepared to invest in leading technology like touchless cleaning to get the job done in the most efficient and safe manner. We are leaders in our industry and work with other leaders in the profession to ensure that highest quality is what we deliver. This includes working with the likes of Kaivac cleaning systems.