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Control Janitorial is a franchise operated business. The cleaners who attend to your business are independent business people working under the umbrella of Control Janitorial Inc. They are franchisees and they may have their employees working along side with them. We have Log Books at each contract to communicate with you. If you need products for the office or have concern, let us know by writing in the Log Book. The franchisee is obliged to read the log book on each visit, acknowledge they have read it with an initial and do as requested. They are also compelled to log into our online timekeeping system so we know when they arrived, when they finished and left the office. Franchisees and their employees are all acquainted with security systems and lockup procedures. They will set the alarm and lock doors as instructed. Franchisees and their employees are fully insured. You won’t have to worry about getting caught in a tight situation with uninsured workers if something were to happen. As well as being fully insured, Control Janitorial’s employees are trained to spot areas that may cause concern and inform the owner immediately.

Control Janitorial Inc. is covered:

  • WSIB Compliant
  • $5,000,000 General
  • Liability Coverage
  • $10,000 Services Blanket Bond
  • WHMIS Compliant

Learn About Control Janitorial Services
Fully Trained and Insured Employees

  • Workers Compensation: Compliance
  • General Liability: $ 5,000,000
  • Fidelity Bond: $ 5,000
  • WHMIS: Compliance

  • HACCP: Certified

Computerized Telephone Timekeeping System

We are one of the first companies in this area to install a computerized timekeeping system. This state of the art system requires all employees to clock In and Out of your building(s) using a touch-tone telephone (we pay for all calls via a toll-free service).

The system helps ensure accurate timekeeping and attendance. It will automatically alert a supervisor in the event of absenteeism. Supervision inspections will also be tracked. The end result is a higher level of quality and consistency at your facility.

Quality Control Inspections

  • Recorded inspection visits
  • Trained Supervisors
  • Inspection Reports available